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Learn how it all began

How it all began

In the varied landscape that is today’s Canadian music scene, Wildflower stands out bringing a unique blend of folk-roots & rock to their own brand of country music. As with most musical journeys, Wildflower started with a song. Singer–songwriters Jennie Clarke (vocals) and Dean Selby (vocals, guitar) first met in a Calgary recording studio in 2012, and an instant chemistry and creative connection emerged. It wasn’t long before the two began writing & performing together.

Wildflower has always taken a minimalistic approach to songwriting, and the result captures the simplicity and honesty of their music. Strong material beautifully delivered by voices that blend perfectly. As performers, the two have become known for both their powerful vocals & ability to connect with their audience. Recently honoured with a nomination for 2013 “Group/Duo of the Year” by the Association of Country Music in Alberta, and Top 10 Regional finalists in the prestigious CBC Searchlight competition in 2014, Wildflower is ready to make their mark on the Canadian Country music scene.

A Long Road...


Wildflower’s first full –length album will be released in August of 2014. Entitled Long Road, the album name is fitting considering the journey these two have taken to get to this point in their musical careers.

Much like their personalities, Long Road is slow-paced and hushed at times… raucous, edgy and definitely “tongue-in-cheek” at others. One thing that is certain throughout the 12 tracks however, they are laced with the acoustic dirges that define Wildflower’s sound and attitude. Lyrics, melodies and harmonies that frame the events, characters and stories being told… Stories that every listener will relate to.

“We have so many different influences, all different artists and genres… it took a little time for us to really define our voice and find what our sound was,” says Clarke. “We are really proud of the album and the collaborative work we did with Jordan (Jordan Wiberg – Producer – Paul Brandt, Jann Arden). We knew we were developing into something; we just had to find out what that “something” was. We knew we would just know when the time was right to release an album, and now it feels right. It feels fresh, like we are at the beginning of something new, stepping from one stage to another.”

“Even though we consider our sound is definitely rooted in country music,” Selby adds, “I think we realized it wasn’t necessarily a genre or a specific sound we were looking for. It was more personal growth and growth as song-writers. I think our songs themselves, regardless if they’re influenced by country, indie folk or rock & blues, our voices hold true throughout. We discovered that we can deliver a story with our sound. Hopefully we will make all kinds of different records, but people will always recognize our sound.”

Upcoming Shows


Wildflower loves to perform. The duo has become known for their engaging stage presence and ability to connect with the audience. Whether playing with thier full band or in their infamous stripped down acoustic shows, Wildflower is an act you need to see and hear live.

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Long Road Music Video

“Long stretch of road, will teach you more about yourself than anything or anybody ever will…”

The lead single and title track from the new LP, "Long Road" is a perfect example of the duo’s craft. Clarke’s powerful voice sings solemnly here, delicate at times, with Selby’s subtle harmonies and warm acoustic guitar echoing her words. Haunting dobro and pedal-steel round out this thought provoking introspective. Watch it here.


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Wildflower truly stands out bringing a unique blend of vocal harmonies and acoustically driven folk-roots & rock to their own brand of country music.

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In the varied landscape that is today’s Canadian music scene, Wildflower truly stands out bringing a unique blend of acoustically driven folk-roots & rock to their own brand of country music. Singer/songwriters Jennie Clarke & Dean Selby are quickly becoming known for their powerful vocals & seamless harmonies, as well as their songs about life, love and all the things in between. Based in southern Alberta, the pair teamed up after Dean and Jennie met in a Calgary recording studio. An instant chemistry and creative synergy emerged and almost immediately the two began writing and performing together. In early 2012, they worked with producer Jordan Wiberg (Paul Brandt, Jann Arden, Jon Bryant) and recorded an acoustic EP of six original songs. A minimalistic approach was taken. Simple songs with solid vocals and harmonies.

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